Women want to look good. They want to feel good. Women want to be effortlessly chic, with everyday style staples that become the mainstay of their wardrobe.

Women want to be part of a style-conscious community that has its own brand of fashion-led intel.

Elvie & Leo bring beautifully designed considered pieces that are carefully edited and curated to enhance the unique, intangible mix that is the Elvie women.



A conversation celebrating curated style: fashion, design, art, architecture & innovation.

Elvie wants to stimulate conversations discussing individuality, creativity and innovation.



Elvie & Leo connects and collaborates with sought-after local and international designers who bring their own unique talent and style insight to Elvie & Leo members.

Connecting and collaborating brings high fashion atelier-style techniques and bespoke design to the Elvie & Leo community.

The result is a unique, limited-edition range, available only to Elvie & Leo members. Elvie & Leo is a voice and platform for designers and artists alike to bring their talent to a privately curated audience, bringing parties together that have mutual interest in each other’s lives.

Elvie & Leo is inspired by art and design and the evaluation of a modern cultural language and landscape that has an inherent understanding of real women living real, everyday lives.