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Shopping with Us

Q How can I cancel an order that I’ve placed?
Q How can I add an item to my order?
Q What does Processing/Completed mean on my online order?
Q What do I do if I want a refund or exchange on an Elvie product?
Q What do I do if I have received a faulty product?
Q I’m having trouble placing an order online, can you help?

Member Enquires

Q What is Elvie & Leo?
Q How do I become an Elvie & Leo member?
Q How can I cancel my membership?
Q I've just received an email asking if I would like to receive my next capsule, but I'm away and would like to have it sent in a couple of weeks. What do I do?

Shipping and Delivery

Q Do you ship internationally?
Q How long does it take to process an order?
Q How can I track my order?
Q I haven't received my order, what do I do?

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