Women want to look good. They want to feel good. Women want to be effortlessly chic, with
everyday style staples that become the mainstay of their wardrobe.

Elvie & Leo bring beautifully designed considered pieces that are carefully edited and curated to enhance the unique, intangible mix
that is the Elvie women.

Launched in May 2016, by sisters Nikki Metzner and Lizzie Gillies, Elvie & Leo is inspired by the girl’s grandparents Elvie and
Leo Curtis.


Elvie, a mother of 6 and grandmother to 16, 
was regularly included on lists of Australia’s
best dressed women. Elvie was a tireless charity worker,
respected hostess and was renowned for her personal style.
She was a tall and beautiful women who rarely entered a
crowded room unnoticed. Elvie is remembered for her
graciousness, elegant silhouette and the touch of ocelot which
she often wore.


Leo was born in England and arrived in Australia as an orphan
in 1919. Starting from very humble beginnings, he built a
successful retail empire that traversed fashion and
accessories. He was Lord Mayor of Melbourne in the early
1960’s and was knighted for his contribution to
Australian retail.

Leo was entrepreneurial and forward thinking. He was at the
forefront of retail trends, was one of the first Australian
manufacturers to work in China and was a wonderful father
and grandfather.